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Know us

What is MistWall?

MistWall is born with the aim to innovate in the board gaming sector, by offering a different format. We mix tradition and innovation, making use of state of the art technologies for the player to enjoy a unique expererience. MistWall longs to instill game’s history through the user’s experience as they play. We are focused on the player to feel every decision made, every fight, every victory, every loss. To live the game as a full experience. We want to be a different.


Did you come to our stand to play?

If you were there look for and upload it to your social networks, label us and do not forget to use the hastag #PlayDifferent. We will love tou see you!

What is Endarth:Covenant?

Endarth: Covenant is an adventure tabletop game, set in a dangerous world, inhabited by humans together with other medieval fantasy creatures. This experience, heavy loaded with a role-playing flavour, can be played cooperative or solo, as it does not require a game director, due to its advanced AI.
You will explore the vast Endarth kingdoms, trying their best to survive and unfold the story beneath the surface… if you can, for countless dangers lurk among its ruins and deep in its woods, and no one protects Mandora’s Swamp anymore, behind which defending walls monsters have been retained for centuries by Tyrennor’s army.


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