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Our mission

MistWall is born aiming to the hearts of those table-top gamers who seek for a real immersive experience. We have reduced the gap between reality and fiction by boosting playability and taking the gaming experience into the next level, all powered by the implementation of groundbreaking mechanics.

Core bussines

Our core business is aimed at enabling players around the world embracing a first-hand gaming experience. We are constantly researching for better ways to enhance the player's experience; empowering game lovers to play from within the character, to feel every decision made, every fight, every victory, every defeat.

Our team

We have gathered a multidisciplinary team whose members have been headhunted at high standards of excellence in each and everyone of the fields considered for this enterprise: from engineering to philology, we grouped an amazing professional squad drawn together for the shared passion of tabletop gaming. We count with the best external partners in the industry, as David Benzal, whose trajectory embraces amazing great brands projects such as Disney and Games of Thrones.

CEO and Hardware of MistWall

Juan A. Gambín


Director of Programming and Main ScreeenWriter of MistWall

Juan Manuel García

Director of Programming & Main Screenwriter

Director of Logistics and Production of MistWall

David Pérez

Director of Logistics & Production

Marketing Director of MistWall

Francisco J. Sáez

Game Producer

Director of 3D and Animations of MistWall

Victor Pérez

Game Producer

Main Programmer of MistWall

Daniel Barreno

Main Programmer

Carlos M. del Corral

3D Environment Artist


Javier Ortega


Communication and Marketing of MistWall

Marina Torres

Communication and Marketing

Communication and Marketing of MistWall

Patricia de Paco

Communication and Marketing

Fernando Lago

Digital Sculptor

Graphic Designer

Emma Kupferberg

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Pedro Díaz

Graphic Designer

Ayla Mae Coghlan


Daniel Herrera


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